Forget the Trends: Focus on These 5 Timeless Marketing Classics

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2024 digital marketing trends

Mastering a few foundational marketing skills—storytelling, relationship building, authenticity, agility, and analysis—will fuel the success of your entire strategy, whether you’re chasing the latest-and-greatest trends, or sticking with the classics.

digital marketing trends

5 questions to ask yourself in order to identify your most powerful—and most authentic—stories.

social media marketing trends 2024

3 strategies to help you look beyond clicks and conversions, and focus on building real, meaningful, authentic relationships with your audience.

Being aware of new trends in digital marketing is important—but not nearly as important as knowing what goes into a great marketing strategy at the ground level. Mastering a few foundational marketing skills—storytelling, relationship building, authenticity, agility, and analysis—will fuel the success of your entire strategy. Whether you’re going all in on the latest-and-greatest trends or keeping it simple with tried-and-true classics, you’re going to need these five “timeless marketing classics.”


Authentic Storytelling: Crafting Narratives That Resonate

The marketing landscape is rife with, uh—how should we put this?—corporate B.S. Differentiate your brand by skipping the hard sell and telling stories instead. Stories resonate on an emotional level, and linger in the hearts and minds of your audience for much longer than a sales-y headline. In 2024, make it a goal to weave compelling narratives—narratives that mirror the genuine essence of your brand—into your marketing communications.

  • When we meet with our clients, one of our goals is to draw out their best stories, and we do so by asking questions:
  • What questions do you get asked all the time, and how do you answer them?
  • What common misperception do people have about your industry, product, or service? How do you explain the truth of the matter?
  • During the sales cycle, is there a particular value proposition or “selling point” that tends to turn the tides in your favor?
  • What are your biggest customer success stories?
  • When did a customer fail to follow your guidance, and then end up in a bad situation?

The answers to these questions are your stories, and you can tell them in so many different formats: long- and short-form video, social posts, infographics, and blogs, etc.


Relationship Building: Beyond Clicks and Conversions

In an era dominated by digital metrics and AI, the value of human connection is irreplaceable. Sure, clicks and conversions are nice, but—at least for us—marketing is about building relationships that stand the test of time. Relationships drive word-of-mouth referrals, repeat business, and brand loyalty.

Here are a few tips for building relationships with your audience:

Cut it out already with the automated robo-emails and start personalizing your campaigns. Try not to send every email to your entire list. Segment your audience, send relevant emails to relevant segments at relevant times, and use merge fields to personalize your content.

Don’t copy-and-paste the same response on every social comment. Brands that take the time to respond to comments with an individualized message will ultimately build stronger relationships with their followers.

Get personal on social media. We always ask our clients to send candid shots that highlight their office culture. Did you get a surprise visit from an old client? Did you celebrate a team member’s birthday? Authentic photos and videos not only show people the human side of your business (remember, people connect with people…not brands), but will also generate way more engagement than pretty much any other kind of social post.


Purpose-Driven Marketing: Making a Difference That Matters

What you stand for is as crucial as what you offer. In 2024, drive home the power of purpose by employing impactful marketing strategies that align with your values and vision. Showcase your commitment to making a positive impact, not just in your industry but in the world at large.

At Birdhouse Marketing & Design, we care deeply about saving our planet. Over the holidays, we gave each of our clients a Yeti tumbler imprinted with our logo. This was a simple way to align our branding strategy with one of our core values. Now, not only will our clients think of us every time they drink from their mugs, but they’ll also be playing a role in reducing paper and plastic waste!

Think of ways you can connect your values with your marketing strategy. Volunteerism is a great way to give back (and an even better way to pick up some positive PR), or keep it simple and donate a portion of your proceeds—even just from one specific product or service—to an organization that upholds your values.


Adaptive Agility: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape

While you don’t need to chase every fleeting trend, it’s important that you stay nimble in the face of change…because, let’s face it, marketing changes all. the. time.

Fortunately, modern communication platforms allow you to change your strategy in real-time, with just a few clicks of a button…but you have to be tuned in enough to know when to pivot. The key to staying agile is to keep your fingers firmly on the pulse on what’s happening in the world of marketing, and the world at large.


Data-Driven Insights: The Compass for Informed Decisions

In the pursuit of GREAT marketing, data isn’t just numbers on a screen: it’s the compass guiding your marketing decisions. By understanding and grasping data-driven insights, you can better understand your audience, refine your strategies, and ensure every marketing move is a step towards achieving your unique goals.

I remember a few years ago, we crafted a “heritage month” post for one of our client’s Facebook pages. The owner called, frustrated, because he didn’t believe that post would resonate with his audience. Well, a few click-click-clicks later, and I was able to support our decision with data, analytics, and insights. Not only did that post turn out to be one of their highest-performing posts, but the business owner learned that his perception of his audience—what he believed their core values and interests were—couldn’t have been further from the truth.

Share Our Passion for Great Marketing?

Here at Birdhouse Marketing and Design, we’re more than just a team—we’re a family with a collective passion for GREAT marketing, and a shared belief that your marketing should reflect the very core of who you are. Let us help you craft stories that resonate, build relationships with your audience, connect your marketing with your mission, vision, and values, and stay agile to the ever-changing marketing landscape.

Here’s to a year of purpose, connection, and “timeless marketing classics” that stand the test of time!

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Written by Anna Lofstrom

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January 11, 2024

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