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the story behind birdhouse marketing & design

The year was 2012. Our founder, Robin Agricola, was working full-time at a marketing agency in Boston. While she absolutely loved the work, she also spent about 4-hours a day commuting to-and-from the office—while also working with private clients on the side. There wasn’t much room in her life for anything besides work.

This was not how life was meant to be lived. This all-work-no-play lifestyle, frankly, was for the birds. Pun intended.

She realized that, not only could her work be done virtually—from essentially anywhere on the planet with a solid Wi-Fi connection—but that, by establishing a better work-life balance, she would be better equipped to meet the demands of her clients, raise her family, and pursue her own personal passions.

And that’s how Birdhouse Marketing & Design came to be.

When Robin started this company back in 2012, she had four clients who she serviced on her own. Today, our marketing agency has a roster of more than 50 clients—covering the full gamut of industries, located in every corner of the United States. Our team has also grown to include several senior account managers, social media strategists, content curators, writers, administrative staff, and more.

We’re successful because we’re great at what we do. We get results for our clients. And we’re just plain old good people.

our mission

should we choose to accept it…

Birdhouse Marketing & Design brings big business branding and marketing to small- and medium-sized businesses. Leaning on our experience—and leveraging our resourcefulness—we aim to develop high-value customized marketing strategies that stretch every dollar of our clients’ budgets to help them gain competitive advantage, increase brand awareness, and generate new business.

vision & values

Marketing agency vision statement

we can see it so clearly...

Our vision is to connect small- and medium-sized businesses with powerful branding and innovative, cost-effective marketing strategies, allowing them to compete fiercely—and successfully—in an increasingly convoluted marketplace.

marketing agency ongoing education

we're all about perpetual growth

Marketing changes every. damn. day. Strategies that worked yesterday may not work today, and there’s always a transformational new channel, tool, or platform on the horizon. We say: bring it on. Our team is committed to mastering leading-edge marketing innovations, so that neither us—nor our clients—gets left in the digital marketing dust.

work-life balance

work-life balance is important to us

Success doesn’t come without hard work. We work really, really hard to generate the best possible results for our clients. But it’s important that we’re able to enjoy our lives, too—whatever that may mean. Our team enjoys a remote work environment, and plenty of time off to pursue their personal passions.

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