brand story #1: hiring & empowering solutions

logo design

understanding the brand

Hiring & Empowering Solutions, LLC is a legal staffing and consulting firm based out of Denver, CO. In 2017, the firm’s CEO, Molly McGrath, came to us in need of a new website, and a digital marketing strategy.

Hiring & Empowering Solutions, LLC

meet hiring & empowering solutions

The client was happy with their pre-existing logo, but they lacked a strong, memorable brand. Drawing inspiration from their logo, we helped develop the Hiring & Empowering Solutions brand—and deliver that brand across various on- and offline media channels.

logo design

we started with their website

With a target audience consisting of attorneys, it was important that the Hiring & Empowering Solutions website be professional yet differentiated, with powerful messaging that would make an impact, fast…

website designer
logo design

then we got social

We translated the Hiring & Empowering Solutions brand into powerful social media graphics and messages, helping to increase brand awareness and top-of-mind recall. We also implemented an aggressive content marketing strategy, including SEO-focused blogging and a podcast that has gained major traction over the years!

logo design

then came the heavy-duty advertising

To start generating leads, we implemented a series of advertising campaigns, leveraging Google AdWords and Facebook.

Google AdWords

High-level Google AdWords campaigns drive targeted search traffic to dedicated landing pages, each with a measurable call-to-action: download a free guide or e-Book, participate in a free online training session, gain access to a webinar, or schedule a discovery call with the founder.


Using Facebook’s full suite of business tools, we are able to retarget website visitors, and serve them highly personalized ads based on the services they expressed interest in. 

and the results are in…

Since 2017, Hiring & Empowering Solutions has experienced growth across all quality and quantity metrics. Website traffic has nearly doubled, while social engagement and growth has been enormous. The most important metric, though? A happy client.


increase in website traffic

  • increase in lead generation 100% 100%
  • month-over-month increase in facebook followers 50% 50%
  • month-over-month increase in social engagement 14% 14%

If I haven’t told you lately, I cannot tell you how GRATEFUL I am for you and your team. You take 100% of the stress of marketing off of me. This is one area of my world I have 0 worries or stress about, and 100% joy in.

Molly McGrath

Founder, Hiring & Empowering Solutions, LLC