brand story #2: emerge ketamine

logo design

understanding the brand

Emerge Ketamine, located north of Boston, MA, came to us with a simple goal: break into the ketamine infusion market, and become a leading provider of ketamine treatments in the metro north area. We’re on it…

logo design portfolio

meet emerge ketamine

Designing the Emerge Ketamine brand started with a simple yet memorable logo that would be easy to work with across various digital and print platforms.

logo design

then, we dove into website design

Emerge Ketamine wanted their website to enrobe visitors in a soothing environment, rich with local landscapes and imagery. Behind the scenes, a strategy-driven SEO foundation has quickly put their website on Google’s map, and their rank began climbing immediately after the website was launched.

ketamine clinic website designer
logo design

social media & content marketing, all in the name of SEO

To rapidly increase brand awareness and support the SEO performance of their website, we implemented an aggressive social media and content marketing strategy that includes boosted social posts on Facebook and the development and distribution of several SEO-focused blogs per month.

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logo design

getting ahead with Google AdWords

While we wait for Google to catch on to our organic SEO strategy, Google AdWords helped us get the Emerge Ketamine brand name and website to the tippity-top of search results, while driving fully-trackable lead generation and building brand awareness.

Google AdWords

We navigated Google’s advertising policies and gained approval to run ads about ketamine infusions, depression treatment, and chronic pain management. Working within the client’s budget, we struck a balance between cost and results, which is helping to generate leads quickly and effectively.

and the results are in…

Since launching the Emerge Ketamine website in August 2022, the site has experienced rapid growth—both in organic SEO and through “push” traffic. Emerge Ketamine is also gaining market share as their marketing quickly outpaces that of other local ketamine treatment centers.


monthly increase in website traffic

leads generated per month, on average

We have been so busy with “requests for evaluation” from the website. This uptick is most certainly due to the launch of the Google Ads strategy.  

Liam Mahoney

Founder, Emerge Ketamine