brand story #2: caress law, pc

logo design

understanding the brand

Caress Law, PC is an estate planning and business law firm in Portland, OR. Since December 2020, Birdhouse Marketing & Design has served as the firm’s agency of record, providing a wide range of digital and brand marketing services.

caress law, pc

meet caress law, pc

The client’s pre-existing logo carried an air of authority and formality. However, these qualities were lost on their website—and other important brand qualities, such as approachability—weren’t represented at all. We changed all of that.

logo design

we redesigned their website

It was important to create a digital environment where visitors felt welcomed, and could develop a sense of trust that they would be in good hands working with the attorneys at Caress Law, PC. Through the use of unexpected design elements, we’ve made Caress Law feel more approachable, while also differentiating their brand from other competing firms in the area.

website design for law firms
logo design

we stepped it up with social

Consistent posting to the firm’s various social media platforms ensures top-of-mind recall and expanded brand awareness. The social media marketing strategy is supported by a robust content marketing program, including SEO-focused blogging and a podcast.

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logo design

multi-platform advertising campaigns

Our advertising strategy leverages Facebook for brand building, and to generate registrations for the firm’s monthly free workshops. Google AdWords helps us reach potential clients searching for specific legal services.

Google AdWords

High-level Google AdWords campaigns drive targeted search traffic to dedicated landing pages, each with a measurable call-to-action: download a free guide or e-Book, register for a free live workshop, or gain access to a pre-recorded evergreen workshop.


Using Facebook’s full suite of business tools, we are able to retarget website visitors, and serve them highly personalized ads based on the services they expressed interest in.

and the results are in…

Since 2017, Hiring & Empowering Solutions has experienced growth across all quality and quantity metrics. Website traffic has nearly doubled, while social engagement and growth has been enormous. The most important metric, though? A happy client.


increase in website traffic

  • increase in lead generation 100% 100%
  • month-over-month increase in facebook followers 9% 9%
  • month-over-month increase in social engagement 93% 93%

Birdhouse Marketing has played a huge role in the growth of my firm. I get compliments on my social media content all the time, and the advertising programs generates a constant stream of qualified leads.

Tammi Caress

Founder, Caress Law, PC